A podcast detective story taking place in courtrooms and prison cells. That's the Mathematics of Crime

Matematika zločinu

How is justice calculated in the Czech Republic? And who calculates it? And is it possible that crimes are not just committed by the ones standing handcuffed in the courtroom? The first Czech podcast crime series Mathematics of Crime is being presented at Prix Bohemia Radio.

In this unique documentary series, reporter Magdalena Sodomková along with documentary maker Brit Jensen follow the case of an unknown man from Bali, Indonesia convicted of a serious crime. The man, who in his own words was convicted due to a false expert report, claims he is innocent and is fleeing from punishment. Both authors set out on the trail of the expert nicknamed "the mathematician of crime" and attempt to map out the dark corners of the Czech justice system.

"We wanted to set up the series so that the listener feels like they're in the courtroom. So that they see with their own eyes what is taking place there and hear who is saying what. Because lots of people have probably never been in a courtroom," commented Brit Jensen on the series. Martin Obžold took care of the sound, Jakub Rataj composed the music and several sound masters took part in the mix, in particular Roman Špála.

Magdalena Sodomková and Brit Jensen received the 2016 Journalism Prize for best audiovisual report. Now they are rolling out a new format of a "docuseries". The Mathematics of Crime is the first Czech podcast crime series. You can listen to it on matematikazlocinu.cz or as a podcast in your favourite application.

The five-part crime series Mathematics of Crime and the format of a "docuseries" is to be presented at Prix Bohemia Radio by its authors Magdalena Sodomková and Brit Jensen on the second day of the festival. You can visit the presentation of the project along with a debate and excerpts for free in the Atrium of the Palacký University Arts Centre.