From a silent disco to a pub quiz. We present a taste of the festival's accompanying programme

Publikum na olomoucké Radio Wave Live Session

Aside from a sample of the best that was made in the field of radio production, the Prix Bohemia Radio festival once again also provides an accompanying cultural programme for children, demanding theatre-goers and musical connoisseurs.

The individual days of the festival will be devoted to the competition categories, thus gradually presenting documentaries, dramas, news reports and multimedia projects. Aside from this, visitors can also look forward to the accompanying programme, which will supplement radio work with theatre, concerts, debates, workshops and a programme for kids at several different sites around Olomouc.

On the very first day, listening to the festival documentaries will be supplemented with a programme prepared by students of Palacký University in Olomouc. They have prepared a kick-off party for festival-goers to let loose in the style of a silent disco. Attendees will thus not need to fear loud disco music, quite the opposite. The prepared headphones will provide each one with a rare and above all individual musical experience. For those who prefer fun that includes a lively debate, a pub quiz has been prepared.

On Tuesday, the category of News Report will have its turn, also featuring the first of the workshops and debates. The guests on public debate will seek the answer to the question of whether vulgarities belong in media. The PRESSpective workshop will also make a comeback, having been led last year by US documentary maker Karen Werner.

On Wednesday, fans of radio dramas and children will have their change. For the latter there is an entertaining show by Radio Junior, while the Disman Radio Children's Choir will have a theatre performance at Divadlo na Cucky. Adults can set out for speed dates with radio producers and more; two whole hours will be set aside for Radio Speed Dating.

You can find the complete programme for Prix Bohemia Radio 2019 on the website and in the app.