All that Kosmos

14. March 2018

"Kosmos" (“Cosmos”) cinema in Lublin was established in 1961 and its innovative modernist mass was considered an example of avant-garde in Polish architecture.

For years it had been not the only modern cinema in Eastern Poland, but also a window on the world showing films from the West. In 2009, the building was abandoned and left to rot. In 2012, the owner decided to demolish the building and sell the plot. A few years later, a private company erected yet another dull apartment building here. We will hear workers, cinema goers, former cinema employees and today's residents of the apartment building.

Each of them demonstrates a different attitude towards the cinema and each of them shows us around their own cosmos. Using actual events and archive materials the feature tells a story of a place and its transformation, where the cinema becomes a symbol of a bygone era.

All that Kosmos
Agnieszka Czyżewska Jacquemet | Radio Lublin | Poland