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Several grown-up women with children were back to school, including a grandmother. Owing to the diverse structure of Bagázs, some members of the Roma community of Bag have achieved unparalleled success not only in education but also in the labour market.

"All the students of the Adult Educationprogram performed very well, we were praised by the examiners, and collected a lot of good marks. With the exam, two persons completed their elementary school studies, the others went to upper grades. Congratulations and we thank the volunteer teachers for their work and we thank you for having cheered for them :) We will continue in February" – this message was posted on the website of Bagázs at the beginning of 2017.

The first report was made in the winter of 2017, and then the editor met again with the ‘characters’ at the turning-points of their lives on several occasions.

Bea Kiss | MTVA | Hungary