European audio documentaries with the best. The PRESSpectives workshop is returning to Prix Bohemia Radio and there are still free spots

Two exceptional documentary-makers, Daria Corrias and Alan Hall, have prepared a workshop dedicated to audio documentaries for attendees of Prix Bohemia Radio. The authors, who have been awarded prizes at the most prestigious international competitions, will give those present a peek under the lid of creative documentary work.

In 1998, Alan Hall established the first global radio production company Falling Tree Productions, which produces audio documentaries for the BBC in the UK, Australia and many other countries. Today the company is considered one of the leading global production companies for radio documentaries and the works it has produced can boast prizes from Sonys, Prix Europa, Prix Marulić and the Third Coast Festival. Nearly all of Alan's work functions on the podcast platform. The productions of Falling Tree Productions are marked by their original and progressive workmanship.

"The founder Alan Hall himself already had a wealth of experience with radio production before founding the production company, but now we can look forward to highly innovative podcasts that easily pull us into the story," adds Kristýna Kovářová, who presented the production company to attendees at least year's festival.

Součástí festivalu Prix Bohemia Radio je řada workshopů

Radio affects each of us personally and intimately

In 2018 Daria Corrias won the Prix Italia and Prix Europa – the two most prestigious prizes for radio work – with her documentary The Upside Down. Daria guides listeners through the whole process of how her documentary was made – from the initial idea, through the editing and creative work, ending with an explanation of why the result is such an exceptional documentary.

For this native Italian, radio documentary is both a profession and a passion with which she has been living for nearly twenty years. Currently she numbers among the proud creative team of the show Tre Soldi, broadcast by the Italian public radio station Rai Radio 3. She identifies with the Marshall McLuhan quote that radio affects each of us personally and intimately.

Learn from the best and sign up for PRESSpectives

Work side-by-side with experienced documentary-makers and search for the reason for their success. Sign up for the PRESSpectives workshop with Daria Corrias and Alan Hall at the e-mail address while there are still free spots. The workshop takes place on Tuesday 2 April from 10:00 to 12:00 at the Vault 42 co-working centre and is conducted entirely in English.