The filming of fairy tale movie About the Healing Water (Story for the Week - Part 5)

22. září 2021

Producing a fairy tale movie in the time of pandemics was not an easy task, but the Czecho-Slovak coproduction team has successfully dealt with it and the film makers managed to cope up with various complications in the past months such as delays in the filming schedule, rapidly changing anti-epidemic measures or the ban to organise castings.

I got a chance to offer to the listeners of our weekly radio programme Story for the week an insight into the creation of a fairy tale movie. In the summer and autumn, I could experience 2 filming days at the castles of Smolenice and Bojnice. First of all, I tried to be invisible and not disturb the production team, but I was also doing my best to catch the atmosphere of the filming day and to get to talk with actors, film crew members, background performers, costume designers and makeup artists. Before the movie was finished, I could also peek inside the editing room.

The viewers watching the movie will most probably not realize the fact that two real historical castles were merged into one fairy tale castle thanks to a magic wand in the hands of the film makers that enables them to create time and space in the movie.

When visiting the editing room, I tried to bring the post-production magic closer to our radio listeners. That is what the final 5th part of the Story for the week is about.

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Competition category: News Report
Title in English: The filming of fairy tale movie About the Healing Water (Story for the Week - Part 5)
Original title: Príbeh na týždeň: Natáčanie rozprávky O liečivej vode - 5. časť
Author: Lenka Dzobová
Length (in minutes): 4:51
Original language: Slovak
Name of station which broadcast the program: RTVS (Slovakia)

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