Five experts from the multimedia sphere to sit in the festival Jury in the Multimedia category

11. únor 2020

The Multimedia category will see its official premiere at the 36th annual Prix Bohemia Radio festival. Its inclusion reflects the current challenge that multimedia content means for media houses. It is meant for projects that that do not only offer sounds to consumers of audio, but also interactions, and in a unique manner.

Freelance graphic and digital designer Bohuslav Stránský, who graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and is involved chiefly in larger web applications and communication design projects, will be one of the judges in the Multimedia category. Since 1989 he has been active as an instructor of self-development courses, then later also as a teacher of teamwork courses. Since 2007 he has headed up the Digital Design studio at Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín in the Faculty of Multimedia Communication, which is one of the few in the Czech Republic to focus primarily on the design of digital media and electronic publishing.

Bohuslav Stránský

Another judge will be academic Dita Malečková, a teacher, philosopher and author of many texts dealing with futurism and new media. She is active at New Media Studies at the Charles University Faculty of Arts, where she lectures on contemporary philosophy, visual culture and art in the context of new media. She concerns herself with the philosophical aspects of media and is interested in the field of digital humanities. She studied Philosophy and Information Science at Charles University.

The winners of the 36th annual Prix Bohemia Radio festival will be decided by twenty jury members. A jury of five professional personalities from the local and international radio environment will decide which works will advance to the main competition in each of the categories of documentaries, dramas, news reports and multimedia.

Sculptor and architect of gaming elements Matěj Hájek is the fourth member of the panel. His work stands outside of genre classifications from experimental sculptures to monumental implementations that are somewhere between statues and the domain of architecture. He participates in the diversionary exploration of the borders of public spaces in the group Ztohoven, which he co-founded. He cooperates with the architectural ateliers Land05, Molo architekti and RFRM. The projects in which he has contributed as an author have won awards in their categories in the NG333 Awards, Grand Prix of Architects and Wooden Building of the Year and it was nominated for a Czech Grand Design award. In 2020, he founded studio SKULL, under which he has developed the potential for combining statues and a gaming function. He is currently working on the installation of a playground for the Biennale Architettura 2020 in Venice.

Prezentace projektů před odbornou festivalovou porotou

The results of the competition will also be in the hands of Petr Uchytil. He has worked in marketing, communication and sales in the area of radio broadcasting for more than 12 years. He began as the Marketing Manager for Regie Radio Music, representing the stations Evropa 2, Europa 2, Frekvence 1 and Impuls and later BBC/Zet on the Czech and Slovak markets as well as several regional stations and programme networks (e.g. Kiss). Today he works as the Director of the Marketing and Media Representation Sales Support Division of Radiohouse and he is primarily responsible for the support of the commercial interests of the stations Frekvence 1, Evropa 2, rádio Blaník, the Hit radio network and more than 50 other stations on the airwaves and on the Internet. In addition to strategic marketing and the support of advertising sales, he also focuses on programme and commercial research and social responsibility projects. Petr Uchytil also moderated several expert shows on the radio, is involved in digital audio broadcasting platforms and the latest trends in the area of multimedia. He regularly lectures at professional events and on academic grounds. He graduated from the Czech University of Life Sciences, The Faculty of Arts of Charles University and the University of Economics and Management, all in Prague. He is married and has two children. He loves the radio in all its forms. As he himself says, #radioisthebest.

The last spot on the festival panel belongs to the Executive Producer of the audio portal, Anna Vošalíková. She studied the field of New Media Studies at Charles University. As part of her research, she was involved in the issue of the manifestation of transhumanism in the design of computer games, which she also covered in her thesis. She also prepares and moderates Czech Radio’s new media podcast entitled Ping. Before radio, she also worked as a Press Spokesperson in a non-profit organisation involved in human rights and as a consultant in a PR agency.

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