Get to know the multimedia projects designed by students and artists

1. duben 2019

Introducing the multimedia creations of students, artists and media from home and abroad. Make yourself comfortable, put on the headphones and dive into a world where fantasy knows no bounds and audio comes first.

This year the Prix Bohemia Radio festival boasts a new competition category. The multimedia category´s competing projects will be presented on Thursday. Starting Monday however, spectators can visit the Palacký University Arts Center, where they will find a small exhibit dedicated to a number of innovative multimedia projects from home as well as abroad.

SNM sounds

SNM sounds is a label established in 2017 and covers the musical productions and audioprojects of students in the field of New Media Studies. This label has been the first step in promoting talent among students, and will seek to expand the awareness of the musical and audiovisual production of our students. SNM sounds are also part of the successful Multimedia Project module, which aims to motivate students to create multimedia projects.

Janek Lesák & kol.: FANTASY!

Trailer for a theater production that was created for the NoD theater. The story takes place in your imagination. The production combines binaural sound technology - sound virtual reality and traditional principles of foley artistry to teleport you to the very center of the fantasy world - into the head of the main character. Starring: Martin Cikán, Láďa Karda and Jan Strýček. Trailer: Jan Kolář & Anna Kolářová.

Režisér Janek Lesák uvedl inscenaci s názvem Fantasy!, která kombinuje technologii binaurálního zvuku - zvukové virtuální reality a tradičních principů ruchařské práce

The Machine. About The Darkness In The Black Box

The Machine is a mockumentary about an artificial intelligence that claims to be able to predict everything. What starts out as an internet phenomenon, before long meddles with international politics.

Jan Stuchlík – a visual for the Czech Museum of Music

Main tool is an experimental font that serves as the cornerstone of the entire visual identity for the Czech Museum of Music. Jan recorded the letters and captured their soundtrack. He created the whole alphabet. The thickness of the line and the style of the brush strokes throughout the text can be changed according to the feeling of the music you are listening to. And so the writing has an infinity of variants, just like music itself. The font was created during the winter semester at the Scholastika High School, it is an unrealized project.

Jan Stuchlík nahrával jednotlivá písmena a zachycoval jejich zvukovou stopu
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