Great Times

Hanka a Linda jsou hrdinkami dramatu Zlatý časy (ilustrační foto)

Youth is the time that we often regard as the happiest in our lives. Gradually, we start idealising it and saying: “Those were great times!” A disadvantage of “great times” is that we only become aware of them once they are over. The main characters of the play for the young written by scriptwriter Petr Hudský, based on his book called Great Times, are two seventeen-year-old classmates, Hanka and Linda.

Each of them tries to solve a different problem in her life. In Linda’s case it is her divorced father and his new partner, while in Hanka’s it is her alcoholic father, who terrorises the whole family. In fact, it is no wonder that both girls are a bit of troublemakers.

Listen the drama at Prix Bohemia Radio festival!

When: Wednesday 3rd April 2019 | 16:50 – 18:00 | listening session + discussion
Where: Film hall, Arts Centre UP
Entrance: Free admission with accreditation

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Competition category: Drama
Title: Great Times
Original title: Zlatý časy
Author: Petr Hudský
Director: Apolena Novotná
Dramaturg: Zuzana Vojtíšková
Author of music/sound design: Džian Baban
Sound realization: Roman Špála
Length (in minutes): 45:38
Original language: Czech
Name of station which broadcast the program: Czech Radio Dvojka