Listen to the winners of Prix Bohemia Radio 2020

9. listopad 2020

Over one hundred radio and other works vied for the highest accolades in the international Prix Bohemia Radio 2020 festival. Listen to the contributions that won in the fight for the best drama, documentary, news report and multimedia project.

The Documentary competition category offers a view of the world of bird lovers, the path to your inner you and a testimony to human traumas. The final works in the international News Report section, on the other hand, introduced listeners to the issue of the Mexican-American border and presented the situation of a Romany colony in a small village close to the Hungarian capital. Dramas offered a dramatic epic, short horror story and a fairy tale. The Multimedia section had its official première this year. The second international section presented projects that make it possible to consume audio in an innovative manner and offers listeners not only sound, but also interaction with other content.

The top spot in the Documentary category went to Confession from director Magdaléna Trusinová, which presents the true story of a young woman who was abused by a priest as a child. Listen to how such a thing can even come about and what all it evokes and causes.

The winner from the news reports was Anger and despair on both sides of the planned wall on the Mexican-American border from reporter Jan Kaliba. The news report deals with the reasons for and the consequences of the construction of the wall that President Donald Trump claims is the solution to the problem of illegal migration, criminality and drugs. Its detractors, on the other hand, consider it to be an expensive and ineffective solution to the problems along the border and to be trading in fear at a time when the situation at the border is calmer than in recent times, according to government statistics.

The first official year of the Multimedia category brought Czech and international multimedia projects. The award ultimately went to the project Divided by Freedom from the studios of Czech Radio. It tried to answer the question of whether Czech society is truly as divided as is claimed. Six social classes were uncovered by the results of the sociological survey. The reporters chose typical representatives of each group and presented them to the public. The Divided by Freedom project is presented in detail on this website.

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