Listen to the winners of Prix Bohemia Radio

1. listopad 2019

Last year, more than a hundred radio and other works vied for the top spots in the international Prix Bohemia Radio festival. Listen to the submissions that won in the battle for the best drama, documentary, news report and multimedia project.

In last year’s competition the Documentary category shows life like it is and the News Report section brought listeners to the dark corners of prisons and to the middle of a war. The themes of divorce and the deconstruction of the human psyche dominated the Drama section and the new Multimedia category introduced listeners to the creative use of sound and innovative technologies.

The top spot in the Documentary category went to The Mathematics of Crime (Matematika zločinu) from the authors Brit Jensen and Magdalena Sodomková. The first Czech crime series podcast posed questions such as who calculates justice in the Czech Republic. Here you can follow, together with the authors, the case of an unknown man from Bali, Indonesia convicted for a serious crime.

Matematika zločinu

Jan Kaliba’s Tangier Island (Ostrov Tangier) won from the News Reports. It points out the possible fate of the small American island. A place that is only a little more than one hundred kilometres from the White House as the crow flies could become the first victim of global warming. The irony is that there is only one country standing against the Paris Agreement on climate: The United States of America.

The Ears Game (Hra na uši) garnered the greatest attention among the listeners in the Drama section. When writing the composition, Jiří Adámek found inspiration among the texts from the archive of the Brno-based art historian, theoretician, artist and poet Jiří Valoch. The play, in which words, sentences and statements play the main roles instead of characters and where, instead of a plot, we follow their interlinking, development or mutual negation, leads listeners into the mystery of sounds, of which the entire radio production is solely comprised.


The trial year of the new category brought Czech and foreign multimedia projects. The winner was ultimately the Dutch project The Industry by Mirka Duijn. The interactive documentary reveals how the drug economy has permeated all levels of Dutch society. You will meet housewives, students, dock workers, full-rime cocaine dealers and other people who keep this multi-million euro industry going. You can learn more about the project at

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