Look back at the Prix Bohemia Radio festival in several minutes

How was the 2019 Prix Bohemia Radio festival? Take a look at excerpts of the best that happened on the individual days.

The best moments of the first day

A public listening of documentaries and discussions, the Convict Quiz and the festival’s opening ceremony. That all is what visitors to the first day of the Prix Bohemia Radio festival experienced.

Day two packed with stimuli

A listening of the best news reports, the PRESSpective workshop, a debate on vulgarisms in broadcasting, a presentation of the Mathematics of Crime broadcast, Dejvické divadlo theatre’s Dubbing Street and a concert by Zagami Jericho. That was the content of the second Prix Bohemia Radio festival day.

Third day under the sign of drama and music

Wednesday’s festival programme belonged to the best of drama. There was also Radio Speed Dating, Buchty Live and the evening Radio Wave Live Session with Ventolin, The Atavists and Good Times Only.

New category on the fourth day’s scene

The end of the festival offered the new Multimedia category. It presented projects that manage to take audio and enrich it visually. Visitors had the opportunity to see work with a binaural microphone in a theatre play. The entire festival ended with the gala awards ceremony for the individual categories.

Prix Bohemia Radio will also be bringing the best of radio production and an extensive accompanying programme in 2020. The international festival of radio production will be returning to Olomouc from 30 March to 2 April 2020.