Mongolian Steppe, middle of the summer

Cesty za vodou: Mongolsko

In the vast Mongolian steppe, near the Russian-Chinese border, I met the family of Chandraabal, a herder, and his wife Tserendolgor. Their herds suffer due to the deterioration of pastures. Climate change has led to decreased precipitation and frequent droughts in the entire region.

More than ever before, Mongolia has been negatively affected by the devastating impact of the dzud. When a dry summer is followed by extreme cold and snowfall in the winter, livestock are threatened and Chandraabal, Tserendolgor and other herders are in danger of losing their livelihood.

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Competition category: Documentary
Title: Mongolian Steppe, middle of the summer
Original title: V mongolské stepi uprostřed léta
Author: Jiří Slavičínský
Director: Jiří Slavičínský
Producer: Brit Jensen
Sound and technical realization: Jiří Slavičínský
Length (in minutes): 41:03
Original language: Czech
Name of station which broadcast the program: Czech Radio Dvojka