Multimedia projects officially find their place

1. listopad 2019

The upcoming 36th annual international festival of radio production will see the official first year of the new Multimedia category joining the three traditional Drama, Documentary and News Report sections. Last year, a pilot run of this section was introduced to visitors, while in 2020 it will be in full operation. What work garnered the jury’s attention in this new category last year, and what can we expect from it?

The Multimedia category appeared for the very first time as part of the jubilee 35th annual Prix Bohemia Radio festival. Its inclusion was a response to the current challenge that the multimedialisation of content means for media outlets. The new section is meant for projects that make the consumption of audio available in a novel way and offer listeners not only sounds, but also interactions.

The theme of last year’s pilot year of the competition was Audio at a glance. The professional jury chose seven finalists for the main competition from four Czech and six international works. Two foreign and one Czech project placed in the top three places in this category, with the project The Industry also taking away the Students Jury Award independently from the professional jury.

The best productions of the pilot year of the Multimedia category

  1. The Industry, author: Mirka Duijn
  2. Chronicles of Shared Place, author: RT Suisse Romande
  3. Project ’68 (Projekt '68), author: Ondřej Suchan

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