My own private russophobia

13. březen 2019

Daniel comes back to his homeland, the Czech Republic, after four years working in London. Delighted to see that Prague has become a considerably more cosmopolitan city but taken aback at the amount of Russian-speaking migrants. In the years of his absence, Prague has seen their number rise by tens of thousands.

He deals with an unexpected phobia of Russian-speaking community in the very same year which marks 50 years from the invasion of Soviet tanks to Czechoslovakia that strengthened Moscow’s political dictate over the country. In his documentary, he fights his anxiety by having conversations with his Russian neighbours, he tries to get down at the roots of a troubled relationship between Russians and Czechs.

Listen the document at Prix Bohemia Radio festival!

When: Monday 1st April 2019 | 14:00 - 14:50 | listening session + discussion
Where: Theatre hall, Arts Centre UP
Entrance: Free admission with accreditation

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Competition category: Documentary
Title: My own private russophobia
Original title: Má soukromá rusofobie
Author: Daniel Kupšovský
Director: Daniel Kupšovský
Producer: Brit Jensen
Author of music/sound design: Daniel Kupšovský
Sound and technical realization: Dominik Budil a Jitka Kundrumová
Length (in minutes): 32:11
Original language: Czech
Name of station which broadcast the program: Czech Radio Radio Wave

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