Prix Bohemia Radio 2019

Drama. Documentary. News Report. These three competition sections will as every year feature in the 35th edition of the Prix Bohemia Radio festival, which takes place in Olomouc from 1 to 4 April 2019.

Visitors and competitors can again look forward to a unique atmosphere in the university city and four days filled with arts events, radio productions and information about modern trends in the world of media.

Nejnovější články

  • The melting of the ice increasingly clears the way for the Northern Sea Route. Thanks to climate change  (illustrative photo) | foto: Fotobanka Pixabay, CC BY 2.0
    News Report

    Northern Sea Route through the Arctic

    For centuries, sailors have been trying to get from Europe to Asia past the Arctic ice. Because it would be a drastic shortcut.

  • The radio program was made behind the scene of the Ability Fashion Show  (illustrative photo) | foto: Fotobanka Pixabay, CC BY 1.0
    News Report

    Ability Fashion

    The models of the association have various, serious handicaps, however, they undertake themselves on the catwalk once or twice a year.

  • Olga dostala od magistrátu byt za výhodnější nájem  (ilustrační foto) | foto: Fotobanka Pixabay, CC BY 1.0
    News Report

    A New Beginning

    Olga from Brno has stayed in various hostels, shelters and on the street over the past five years. This spring she was granted a municipal flat for a subsidized rent.

  • Welcome to Tangier Island! | foto: Jan Kaliba, Český rozhlas
    News Report

    Tangier Island

    A tiny American island, Tangier, a hundred-odd kilometres by air from the White House might be one of the first climate casualties.

  • Jolana is in prison for thefts  (illustrative photo) | foto: Fotobanka Pixabay, CC BY 1.0
    News Report

    Jolana is Freed from Prison

    The news report covers the moment when Jolana, a 29-year-old inmate of women’s prison in Světlá nad Sázavou imprisoned for thefts, is exiting the prison.

  • The targets are usually elderly people  (illustrative photo) | foto: Fotobanka Pixabay, CC BY 1.0
    News Report


    A report on a practice adopted to exploit people in a difficult financial situation.