Prix Bohemia Radio will see 96 documentaries, dramas, reportages, and multimedia projects battling for awards

26. srpen 2021

Over ninety works for radio will be competing at Prix Bohemia Radio 2021, the 37th year of the festival, to be held late this October in Olomouc. A total of ninety-six contest entries were submitted, and they will compete for four main awards in the categories of Drama, Documentary, News Report, and Multimedia.

These twenty-eight dramas, thirty-one documentaries, nineteen Czech and eight foreign news reports, and ten multimedia projects were registered for yet another year of the Prix Bohemia Radio festival, which will be held in Olomouc on October 18th–21st.

In every category, a jury of experts will decide which works will advance to the final round. They will be supplemented by an independent student jury, which will choose a Student Prize winner from among all the competing works without regard to the jury’s pre-selection.

This year, festival-goers will yet again enjoy four days savoring radio works alongside a side program of theater performances, book-form reportages, and presentations of news and trends in podcasting.

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