Proof 111

1. září 2021

Close your eyes and let yourself be whisked away to the mysterious audio backdrop of this detective story. Police officer Alice Wells is out on her beat, like every Friday. A mysterious call interrupts the night’s routine. The mysterious anonymous caller knows something about the chief that was supposed to stay a secret...

Proof 111 is the first Czech audioplay (interactive radio play) for mobile phones, in which you decide where Alice’s steps will take her and how her story will end. The story’s whole world is crafted in binaural audio, so when you’re listening on headphones, you truly feel like you’re right there with Alice. The simple help and controls make this play accessible to blind players as well, giving them an experience equal to that of their fellow listeners.

Project will be showcased at Prix Bohemia Radio festival!

When: Thursday 21st October 2021 | morning session 9:30 - 12:00
Where: Film hall, Arts Centre UP
Entrance: Free admission with accreditation

Look at the detailed program of the listening session.


Competition category: Multimedia
Title: Proof 111
Authors: Tomáš Oramus, Vladimír Mareček, and Michal Zátopek
Name of institution: PlayByEars s.r.o.
Language of presentation: Czech