Respekt Weekly. Audio Version of Printed Magazine

21. březen 2019

The Respekt weekly has long tried to make it easier for readers to access content. Its motto is “we do not simplify the writing, we simplify access to reading”. In the spirit of this motto, for almost five years it has converted Respekt texts into audio format together with Audiotéka.

The outstanding production team spends every Saturday in the studio, so that on Sunday the readers can listen to the new issue of Respekt on their mobile phones, tablets or computers, all in an original vocalisation. 

Project will be showcased at Prix Bohemia Radio festival!

When: Thursday 4th April 2019 | 10:30 – 10:50 | presentation + discussion
Where: Film hall, Arts Centre UP
Entrance: Free admission with accreditation


Competition category: Multimedia
Title: Respekt Weekly. Audio Version of Printed Magazine
Author: Respekt & Audiotéka
Language of presentation: English

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