On the road to the Nobel Prize with mRNA vaccine

22. září 2021

Racing with time. The pressure on researchers is enormous, because the goal is to produce a vaccine, as soon as possible, that can effectively and safely fight against the Covid pandemic caused by the new type of coronavirus.

The basics of the revolutionary mRNA vaccines have been developed by a Hungarian biochemist, Katalin Karikó. She was born in Kisújszállás, Hungary, graduated at the University of Szeged in 1978. The development and research of the vaccine for the coronavirus started in March 2020. Katalin Karikó, former professor of the Pennsylvania University, today senior vice president of the German BionTech company has led the international work group in which further 3 Hungarian researchers work: Norbert Pardi, biologist of the medical team of the Pennsylvania University; Gábor Tamás Szabó, research cardiologist of the German BionTech; Gábor Boroc molecular biologist of the German BionTech.

Who are they? How did this team of the Hungarian scientists come together to develop the vaccines in fighting against the Covid, what is the outstanding individual role of the Hungarian researchers in this work? What will be the future and direction of the vaccine development? Is the Hungarian village, Kisújszállás the new fort of the vaccine?

The speciality of the program is that professor Katalin Karikó and all her three Hungarian colleagues gave their first interview in the world to our Kossuth radio channel in this matter. This radio program about the mRNA-based vaccine development gave the first time information in scientific educational style to our listeners and contributed to the broad dissemination of this new invention.

In our news report we could emphasize the human greatness of the Hungarian researchers to set an example, to be role model for young people. The value of this research is beyond the vaccine development, has a significant impact on future revolutionary methods in healing.

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Competition category: News Report
Title in English: On the road to the Nobel Prize with mRNA vaccine    
Original title: Útban a Nobel díj felé az mRNS vakcináva
Author: Margit Nagy
Length (in minutes): 9:19
Original language: Hungarian
Name of station which broadcast the program: MTVA (Hungary)

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