Seven Works Will Compete in the Documentary Category This Year

The listening session of of the Monday programme of the festival will, as always, be devoted to documentaries. The jury of experts has selected seven finalists from the forty submissions. This year’s finalists have produced very diverse works.

One of them is a documentary by Květa Přibylová entitled Nejkrásnější dveře v moci úřední (The Most Beautiful Door Under the Authorities’ Control), which tells the story of a door with two suns in Soukenická street in Prague, where the building it leads to suddenly went missing. Through her investigation into the history of the door and the building, the author reveals the problem of the speculative destruction of old buildings standing on lucrative property.

Another documentary in the finals is the personal and social “stock-taking” of the last thirty years by Jan Gogol Jr. entitled Sraz ulice (Street Meeting). It’s a story about one timeless friendship that arose on a housing estate in the town of Uherské Hradiště.

Eliška Blauberová would like to win this year’s final with her documentary Slyšet se jinak (Hearing Yourself Differently) recorded at the Nenásilná komunikace (Non-violent Communication) seminar. The sound images in it bring to life the emotions and the ways one can work with negativity.

Jan Haněk would like to impress listeners with his documentary Roztančená oficína (The Dancing Shop), which is the testimony of distinctive hair dresser Jan Špilar. With a certain amount of hyperbole, it can be said that his hair salon is one of Brno’s favourite confessionals.

Stanislav Abrahám will present his project Praha v kostce (Prague in a Cobblestone) and his view of Prague’s paving stones.

Hana Sedláková’s documentary Hlasy, které slyším… (The Voices I Hear…) is about the life of a 51-year-old woman who has been hearing voices since the age of three.

The seventh finalist is Martin Pouchlý with his audio-documentary Berka se rozhodl zemřít (Berka Decides to Die), the topic of which is responsibility over one’s own life and death.

The playback will also include a discussion moderated by Ivan Studený, the literary advisor of the Czech Radio Documentary Creative Group. You can listen to the documentaries and take part in the discussion on Monday, 19 March, on the third floor of the Palácky University Arts Centre at Univerzitní 3, beginning at 9:30 a.m. and ending at 6:30 p.m.