Slovak Scientists and Coronavirus (Story for the Week - part 3)

22. září 2021

They isolated a sample of the coronavirus, are examining it, working long shifts in the lab... Slovak scientists and researchers. In the past, science was not among the most recognised fields in Slovakia, but all of a sudden it turned into one of the most followed areas in the country.

Where does it come from, how does it change, why is it so malicious… these are the questions about the invisible enemy they keep asking themselves daily. And so we decided to visit the scientists in the labs and try to get answers to these questions.

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Competition category: News Report
Title in English: Slovak Scientists and Coronavirus (Story for the Week - part 3)
Original title: Príbeh na týždeň: Slovenskí vedci a koronavírus (3. časť)
Author: Ľubomíra Goljerová (Hulínová)
Length (in minutes): 5:09
Original language: Slovak
Name of station which broadcast the program: RTVS (Slovakia)

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