The Sunken City

The dam Preßnitztalsperre is one of the most beautiful reservoirs in the Erzgebirge-mountains. It is located on the Bohemian side of the mountains, very close to Jöhstadt. From the towering summit of Hassberge you have the most beautiful view over the sparkling water. But the idyll is deceptive.

Only a few people know: on the ground of the dam lies the sunken city Preßnitz. Students from Bohemia and Saxony got to the bottom of the history of the place. What they found out, they told Jaqueline Hene

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Competition category: News Report
Title in English: The Sunken City
Author: Jacqueline Hene
Length (in minutes): 3:31
Original language: German
Name of station which broadcast the program: MDR (Germany)