From theater to a night run: Here’s a taste of the festival’s side program

4. říjen 2021

This year, Prix Bohemia Radio will once again be bringing you both an overview of the best in radio and a cultural program that will please all the athletes and theater and podcast connoisseurs among you.

Each festival day will be devoted to a different competition category. You’ll be seeing documentaries, then dramas, then news reports, and then multimedia projects. Alongside that, you can look forward to a program stretching all across Olomouc that will supplement this radio listening with a cinematic concert, discussions, theater, and something special for athletes.

Right on the very first day, festivalgoers will be able to tune in to movie melodies during the Prix Bohemia Radio opening concert at the Moravian Philharmonic. Monika Absolonová, Václav Noid Bárta, Dasha, and Jakub Hübner will be performing, accompanied by the Gustav Brom Radio Big Band.

Fotografie Lenky Klicperové pro knihu Válka je mým osudem

On Tuesday, a panel discussion, a live taping of the Čelisti film-review podcast, and a theater performance will accompany all the reportages. The Story of a Sundered Syria will be presented by two Czech war reporters, Lenka Klicperová and Markéta Kutilová, who are also the authors of War Is My Fate, a book of news reports. You can look forward to this hour-long discussion, including snippets from Radiokniha, in the Art Center’s Theater Hall from five p.m. onward.

A live taping of the Čelisti film-review podcast will take place in the Jazz Tibet Club at the same time. Aleš Stuchlý and Vít Schmarc will be discussing current events in film along with their guest. The evening, in turn, will belong to the Petr Bezruč Theater from Ostrava, which will be showing Olomouc its award-winning play Trans Men, Points, and Seconds, inspired by the life of the Czechoslovak athlete Zdena Koubková.

Představení Transky, body, vteřiny je inspirované příběhem československé atletky Zdeny Koubkové

On Wednesday, we’ll have plenty to please fans of radio dramas, podcasting, and running. The Jazz Tibet Club will be hosting the mujRozhlas Podcast Session. It’s returning this year to Olomouc with the latest podcasting news, the Digital Author project, and renowned hosts. Our invitation was accepted by Lenka Kabrhelová, the host of the Vinohradská 12 podcast, Martin Minha from the Stadiony soccer podcast, Aleš Stuchlý from the Čelisti film review, and Ivana Veselková from Buchty.

Lenka Kabrhelová a Jan Jílek během „živé“ Vinohradské 12 na Letní filmové škole v Uherském Hradišti

Wednesday also brings the Night Run for Světluška, a run to support blind and near-blind people. You too can stretch your muscles while supporting people with disabilities for a small starting fee. Besides a good feeling, you’ll be rewarded with a start-line package that includes a drawstring backpack, a headlamp, a headband, and more.

Thursday will go to the youngest festival category – multimedia projects – and a discussion along with a chance to hear segments from Stopař. This unique Czech Radio podcast offering eleven stories in eleven genres will be presented by the program’s very own literary manager, Kateřina Rathouská.

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