Pachatelé využívají lidi ve složité finanční situaci a cílí především na ty starší (ilustrační foto)

A report on a practice adopted to exploit people in a difficult financial situation – the targets are usually elderly people who are swindled out of their flats in exchange for a small loan. Criminals have been using the fact that their victims have no legal knowledge and are unaware that by signing a notarial deed for the loan and the transfer of ownership they are losing the ownership of their flat.

The programme has been recorded after five notaries suspected of participation in an organised criminal group was detained and after a press conference held by the Minister of Justice – Public Prosecutor General to discuss the problem.

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Competition category: News Report
Title in English: Victims
Author: Adam Bogoryja-Zakrzewski
Length (in minutes): 9:57
Original language: Polish
Name of station which broadcast the program: Polish Radio