Water to be motif of latest edition of Prix Bohemia Radio

19. leden 2018

The motif of the 34th edition of Prix Bohemia Radio will be water. Petr Stančík, a well-known Czech author and recipient of the Magnesia Litera award has created three workings of the story of the Arion Fountain for this year’s festival of radio production.

The Arion Fountain stands at the corner of Olomouc Town Hall. It was installed in 2002 and complements the city’s collection of Baroque fountains inspired by ancient mythology. Its creator, sculptor Ivan Theimer, drew inspiration from the Greek poet and cithara Arion, who was saved from the waves of the sea by a dolphin, attracted by his song.

The story also inspired the writer Petr Stančík, who used the legend as the basis for a drama, a documentary and a report. The stories will be recorded by Aleš Vrzák as one-minute plays, which will be available to read in text form.

You can read one of the workings, the drama, here.

How Arion Saddled the Dolphins

Sailors, halt your voices to a silence
Let´s not stir his sleep with violence

1st Sailor:
No need to fret, sir, worry not, please, skipper
I’ve slipped him hemlock, his sleep is that much deeper

Seven! For seven days he’s now been singing.
The squeal alone would rid birds of their winging.

2nd Sailor:
It pains me, the wailing, squeaking, screeching
I’d rather test the Charybdis-Skyla reaching!

1st Sailor:
Let’s bash him with an anchor!

2nd Sailor:
Or break his gob!

Better yet, let’s make him walk the plank, the wanker!

Where am I? And where is my lyre?
Ah. There.
The events that doth transpire
are not one bit to my liking. Before I drown
just one more song shall banish this snag´s frown.
Oh sweet nymph lets cement this wainage
You’re sexy like lymphatic drainage…

1st Dolphin:
Brother, dolphin, be silent for a minute
This high pitch squealing is more that pleasant, inn´it?

2nd Dolphin:
I’m certain that there’s Arion.
You think he’s lost his carrion?

1st Dolphin:
You fitch, look there! The one man band,
Why is he here? In sea, not land?

authors: mav , Anna Vošalíková
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