We want to entertain attendees and acquaint them with radio authors, says Zuzana Řezníčková from Palacký University

Zuzana Řezníčková je odbornou asistentkou na Katedře divadelních a filmových studií Univerzity Palackého v Olomouci

Zuzana Řezníčková, an assistant professor from Olomouc's Department of Theatre and Film Studies in the field of radio studies, as well as a graduate thereof, dedicated her dissertation to the study of Czech radio detective stories. In 2014 she co-founded the student radio station UP AIR, which still runs today. As part of the festival she holds the function of coordinator for part of the accompanying programme, which we would like to give you a peek into.

What is your role in organising the festival; what things are you specifically in charge of?

I coordinate part of the festival's accompanying programme, which was produced under the direction of students of the Department of Theatre and Film Studies at Palacký University. Together we dedicated the winter semester to coming up with and planning the afternoon and evening programme in the ground-floor atrium at Konvikt. Thus visitors, and not just accredited ones, can pleasantly cap off their listening marathon every day of the festival except the final evening.

Palacký University students are preparing part of the festival's accompanying programme. What can we already look forward to?

In creating our programme we primarily took into account wanting the attendees to be able to enjoy themselves, experience something new, and at the same time get to know radio authors and their work better. We would like to present the festival, as well as Czech Radio itself and its employees, to as broad a spectrum of people as possible. That's why we have once again included speed dating, so successful last year, where in the form of short interviews students get to know various radio authors from all the stations. Something new this year is the Konvikt Quiz, where participants and their teams compare their knowledge of radio, television, film and theatre. All three evenings will end with DJ parties, including Zagami Jericho or Šimon Holý from Radio Wave. Monday's launch party will be specific in that DJs from the student radio station UP AIR will play music for the attendees right into headphones they are wearing – what is called a "silent disco". The programme will also include a presentation of the podcast The Mathematics of Crime, a film projection and an improv show.

What fields are the students helping prepare the accompanying programme from?

Mostly they are students from radio and television studies in combination with film or theatre science or journalism.