What compositions can you listen to on Prix Bohemia Radio? We have finalists!

Thirty-six contributions will contend for awards at the Prix Bohemia Radio festival. You will have the chance to listen to them all during the four-day festival, which is taking place from Monday, 1 April until Thursday, 4 April in Olomouc. Explore the final shows in the individual categories, and follow us into the listening rooms.

Nine documentaries holding nine human stories

The panel of experts have selected nine Czech documentaries to go through to the finals. These documentaries tell the stories of mundane human concerns, climatic change and social taboos. The documentary For You – How to Live with Faith when the Church Does Not Want You?portrays how preconceptions about religion and homosexuals are being broken down, but it's also about the lives of homosexuals and the trials and tribulations their faith goes through. Mongolian Steppe, middle of the summer takes us to this extensive steppe between Russia and China, where the herdsmen struggle to make a living.

The finalists also include the first Czech crime series podcast, Mathematics of Crime, in which reporter Magdalena Sodomková and Danish documentarist Brit Jensen set off on the trail of an expert witness who calls himself a Mathematician of Crime. You can meet with both the authors personally at the festival when they present this unique documentary series at 16:00 on Tuesday, 2 April.

The festival you have to hear

The finalists in the individual categories can be found among the competing works on both the website and the festival application. There you will find detailed information about the works being presented at Prix Bohemia Radio, as well as the times of debates and broadcasts. In the Drama and Documentary categories, you can also listen to excerpts.

Fifteen reports give fifteen views of the present-day world

The panel of experts have sent four Czech and eleven foreign reports on to the final contest for the three winning places in the festival's second category. There are two listener segments full of information about an American island that is sinking, a fashion show with handicapped catwalk models, and the Ukrainians who resolved to save dozens of Jews despite the threat to their own lives.

Five radio plays answer five questions

How does a person trapped in his own body feel, and what do those close to him go through? Who manufactures dreams? Can a radio composition be built on its self-definition? Is a child with juvenile cerebral palsy a cripple? Is youth the golden age? The Drama finalists answer all these questions.

The panel of experts has selected five Czech plays from the works entered, and these have gone forward to the finals. The Sky Is Wider draws us into an inner world balancing on the cusp of consciousness and unconsciousness. Johana and the Dream Factory is about a girl who is trying to decide whether to remain in her perfect dreamscape or go back to her family. The textual/acoustic composition The Ears Game is a testimony to how automatic our radio-listening is. A story entitled Young Beautiful Monsters, told by fourteen-year-old William with juvenile cerebral palsy, is to a large extent the inner monologue of a boy who has a lot to say even though he can't speak. Great Times tells of two seventeen-year-old girls who are busy experiencing the best years of their lives.

Odborná porota vybírá nejlepší příspěvky na festivalu Prix Bohemia Radio

Seven multimedia projects offer seven innovative approaches to audio

How do you provide audio to listeners in an interactive and visually attractive way? A new festival category presents seven Czech and foreign entries that combine conventional audio with mobile applications, virtual reality, minimalist animation and 3D camerawork. In this way they have managed to get from the radio waves to the online scene.